Press Release : Boris Mar announces new 12 month quest “In Search of the True Spirit of Mother Nature.

Boris Mar Photography

Belgian Fine Art Photographer Boris Mar today announced a new 12 month venture in search of that one magic image.

Early January, Boris Mar will head off to the pristine island of Tasmania.  Followed by a long journey through the heart of Australia heading for its harsh North-West Kimberley Region.  Visiting Australia’s remote areas requires a specialized form of transportation.  Boris Mar will travel in a customized Four-Wheel Drive and Camper Trailer.  Equiped to address and survive the toughest conditions.

Australia is a magical place.  It’s one of the purest and most untouched places on earth.  A timeless land which takes you back to the origin of nature.  My images of Australia are a reproduction of a pure world.  Our world the way it used to be a long time ago.  A time before humans came into the picture.  I will try and photograph some very remote, untouched and never before seen places on this continent.”  Boris Mar

Later in 2011 Boris Mar will venture to South America’s Patagonia, as well as Nepal and Tibet.

“Both Patagonia and Tibet are places with some of the most impressive landscapes in the world.  Currently there are very few fine-art landscape images of these regions available, primarily because of its inaccessibility and harsh conditions.  The thought of hauling along 15kg of photographic equipment in remote natural landscapes, frightens many photographers.  I face a serious challenge here, but as always, the thrill of capturing that magic shot is worth al my effort.”  Boris Mar




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