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Learn to photograph like a professional.  Do you think this is out of reach?  Not at all! 

Join Boris Mar on his day tours in Singapore or his multi-day international trips.  Beginners will bring their photography skills to the next level within a short times-span.  And for those with knowledge of the basics of photography; you will learn how to photograph like professional. 

This is the ideal combination of a dream trip with your passion for photography.  You will learn first-hand from Boris’ experiences.  In photography, most tips and tricks cannot be learned from a book or classroom course.  It is this “Secret Mar Formula” that makes the difference between an “average” and “amazing” photograph.   It requires hands-on experience and practice.  

All visited locations are unique, often hidden, and all are handpicked by Boris Mar himself.  You will also receive personal mentoring, as all our tours have a strictly limited number of attendees per tour.

Photography Tour versus Workshop

We do not distinguish between a “photography tour” and “photography workshop”.

We combine the best of both!

We focus on bringing your photography skills to a (semi-) professional level. 

At the same time you get to visit some amazing places, all hand-picked by Boris Mar.  You will be photographing from unique viewpoints, often off the beaten track, and away from the crowds.  Equally important; you will visit these places during the best time of the day, when light conditions are optimal.     

What to bring?

Prior to every tour you will receive a detailed checklist on what to bring.  This checklist details mainly the adequate clothing and preferred photography gear.

The individual tour-pages on our website also detail what you are required to bring along.

Beginners Tours.

Any camera with manual settings is sufficient.  With the exception of camera-phones, nowadays just about any camera has manual settings.  A Tripod is preferred but not a must.

Advanced Tours and Multi-Day Trips.

A camera with manual settings, as well as a tripod are a must.  The following items are recommended but not a must :

– Polarizing Filter.

– Quick-Release. 

– Neutral Density Filters.



Fitness Level

Our Singapore Tours require a low level of fitness. 

Our International Tours require a moderate level of fitness.  Prior to every shoot you will receive information about the length and intensity of the hike (if any).  But on average we request that participants can easily walk for an hour if needed.

What will you learn?

Most importantly; you will learn how to take stunning images that leave you and other viewers with a “WOW”-impression.

Below are some of the topics Boris Mar will dive into : 

– Tell your story through a photograph.

– Camera Setup.

– All Camera Modes. 

– Composition.

– Focusing.

– Exposure. 

– Understanding Your Histogram.

– White Balance. 

– Raw vs. JPG.

– Understanding and Judging natural light.

– Using Filters.

– Basics of Post-Processing.

– Sourcing the best equipment.

– The Secret Mar Formula. Boris Mar’s tips and tricks, based on over 20 years of experience as one of the leading landscape photographers.  Create the difference between an “average” and “amazing” photograph.

Anything else?  Just ask during the tour!


The individual tour-pages contain all the detailed itineraries.  Please review them carefully before booking one of our tours. 

Our tours combine the below into a well planned itinerary :

  • Visiting unique places and viewpoints where you can capture the best images.
  • Careful planning so our photo-shoots take place at a moment when light conditions are at its best.
  • Onsite theory sessions that teach you how to get the most of your camera.
  • Hands-on tutoring and tips during the photo-shoots.
  • Enough free time to relax or do some exploring by yourself in between photo-shoots.

In case of additional questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Join Boris Mar and learn how to photograph like a professional.  

Browse through our Singapore and International Photography Tours.

Contact us via email or chat with us online.  We will guide you towards the best workshop for you.