Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions below. Or simply contact us for any questions or needed advice. We will respond as soon as possible. contact us.

Where are you located?

Boris Mar Fine-Art Photography is located in Singapore.


Can I speak to a company representative?

Yes, you can.  You can contact us via email by filling out the contact form.  Click here

Who is Boris Mar?

For over 20 years Boris Mar has been photographing Mother Nature’s pristine treasures. His collection of Fine-Art Landscape images are taken at a unique location, and a unique moment, when nature shows her true self. Completely self-taught, Boris Mar’s photographs are taken in natural light, using only traditional in-camera techniques.  Read more here.


What photographic equipment does Boris Mar use?

Boris Mar uses several high-end cameras that capture extreme details and vibrant colors.  You can read more about Boris Mar’s photographic equipment by clicking here.

What is a Limited Edition Print?

A Limited Edition Print is your guarantee of owning an image that is unique and limited in reproduction.

All Images are printed in strictly limited numbers.  Whenever 10% of the total number of prints are sold, a new purchase price is set.  All purchased prints are titled, numbered and hand signed by Boris Mar.  Once the last print in an edition is sold, there will never be another reproduction.  It will not be displayed in our online gallery anymore, however it can still be enjoyed at exhibitions and conferences.

Owning a Boris Mar Limited Edition Image is your opportunity to bring Mother Nature’s treasures into your home or office, with the assurance of owning photographic art that is limited in reproduction.  Read more here.


Will you ever re-publish a Limited Edition artwork once it is sold out?

Absolutely not. Each edition is produced in limited numbers, and once sold out; it will never be reproduced again.


Why do prices differ between photographs?

Boris Mar’s images are classified as “Master Series”, “Premium Series” and “Standard Series”.  All are Limited Edition prints and represent a unique and limited work of art.  However, the type of series determines the pricing scheme.  Speak to our art specialist for more information.  Contact us clicking here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Why does the price of a Limited Edition Print change over time?

Boris Mar Limited Edition prints come in  a pre-determined number of editions.  As demand for the Limited Edition print goes up, so does the price.  Whenever 10% of the total number of prints are sold, a new purchase price is set.  The earlier your purchase a Limited Edition Print, the lower the price.  Once a Limited Edition Print is sold out, you will own a work of art that  has a higher re-sale value, when compared to your initial purchase price.  


Is the artwork signed and authenticated?

Each ordered image is titled and numbered.  Lastly it is hand signed by Boris Mar and delivered with a signed ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’.

If you do not wish to have your print hand signed, titled or numbered, please specify so when placing your order.  For authenticity purposes its Edition Number and Signature will be placed on the back of the print.


Where can I see the art in person?

Currently Boris Mar’s images can be viewed at exhibitions or art shows.  Or alternatively they can be viewed at one of the the many offices, establishments or private collectors that own a Boris Mar photograph.  At the moment, there are no Boris Mar permanent galleries.  We are evaluating the possibilities for one or multiple permanent galleries around Asia.  Please stay tuned for more news. 

Where are prints produced and frames manufactured?

Boris Mar’s work is produced by only the best professionals.  Only after careful evaluation, with a 100% quality guarantee, Boris Mar outsources the production of his work. Only the finest materials and expert techniques are accepted.

Currently Boris Mar uses professional companies in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney for the production of his prints and frames. 


In what size can I order my Limited Edition artwork?

Each photograph on our website clearly states the sizes that can be ordered online.  Click here.


Can I order a custom-sized Limited Edition artwork?

Yes you can.  Please contact us to enquire about a custom-sized Limited Edition artwork and we will help you as soon as possible.  Click here for the contact form.  


Can I frame my artwork myself?

Yes you can.  You can order a Print Only.  Or you can order a framed artwork. 

When ordering a Print Only, you have the option to choose a framer of choice.  We recommend using only professional framers using museum grade materials.  Our art consultant will gladly assist you with detailed advice on how to choose the right framer. Contact us here.


Do you sell posters?

We do not.

How do I hang my artwork?

Your Boris Mar frame will be shipped with all appropriate hanging equipment already attached to the back of the frame. We recommend using professional help to wall-mount your frame.


How do I clean my artwork?

Image Surface
Extreme caution should be used whenever it is necessary to clean the surface of your Fine Art photograph. Dust the picture glazing with a soft, damp cloth or chamois. Apply only light pressure, rinse with little clean water, and dry by blotting the cloth. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches and create a static electric charge on the surface.

Do not use window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, or lacquer thinner to clean your image, as this may cause permanent damage to your image.

Our wooden frames have a protective wax finish that, when handled properly, should not require care other than periodic dusting. A soft, dry cloth may be used to remove spots or debris. Avoid the use of liquid and chemical cleaning products, as these will cause the protective finish to deteriorate over time.

A high-quality microfiber cloth may be used on our black cube frames. Apply only light pressure, rinse with clean water, and dry by blotting the cloth. We recommend using compressed or canned air to remove any surface dust that accumulates on the liner over time, making sure that no moisture is expelled from the can during the cleaning process.


How do I light my artwork?

Proper lighting will add the final touch to your Boris Mar artwork.  We highly advice seeking advice from lighting professionals to obtain the best results.

Lighting your image properly involves using a mixture of spotlights and spreads. The proper degree of spread will depend on the distance of the light fixture from the photograph. While several light bulbs can sufficiently light your image, we use recommend MR16 halogen bulbs. It is best to seek the advice of an electrician or lighting professional to ensure the proper installation of lighting to complement your space.

Online orders.

All prices quoted on our website are for “Print Only” on archival paper.  Due to the unique nature of every photograph and size, it is impossible to display prices online for Acrylic Facemounts, Chromaluxe or Museum Grade Deluxe Frames. 

You can use the interactive framing tool to explore the different framing options.  Please request a quote for your prefered Acrylic Facemount, Chromaluxe or Museum Grade Deluxe Frames.  Our art specialist will get back to you as soon as possible with a customized quote.


Do I need an account to place an order?

No you don’t. You can order and checkout as a guest without creating an account.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do.  We ship worldwide.


Can you ship to a PO box?

No we can’t.


How much are the shipping costs?

All “Print Only” orders include worldwide shipping.

For framed options, we will provide you the shipping costs when providing you the customized quotation.


What happens if my package arrived damaged?

Print Only.

Our packaging has been designed to help minimize the potential for damage or breaking, but we can’t control what happens during transit. If your Print arrives damaged; please contact us! We will happily replace it, but we’ll need a picture of the damage. Requests must be received within 10 days of delivery, and must include a copy of the shipping receipt and photographic proof of the damage for us to review. Once your request is approved, we will pay for the cost of shipping the new product to you.

Framed Artworks.

Our framed artworks are insured during shipping.  And in the unlikely event of damage during transport, our consultants will help with the reimbursement and replacement of your artwork.

Do you have a return policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Boris Mar artwork, you may return it (you are responsible for applicable return shipping costs) within 14 days of receipt and receive a full refund.

Due to the customized nature of framed artworks, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on Museum Grade Deluxe Frames, Acrylic Facemounts or Chromaluxe.


Can I exchange my Limited Edition artwork for different photograph?

Each Boris Mar Limited Edition is custom produced to order. As such, we are unable to change your artwork once the order is placed.


Will Boris Mar Photography buy back my artwork?

Boris Mar Photography does not offer a “buy back” program. Additionally, when it comes to the potential selling of any piece in your collection, we do not handle or participate in third party transactions or secondary market sales.

We strongly suggest doing thorough market research and consulting a certified professional appraiser. They will be able to assist you in obtaining the best resale value for your artwork.  Alternatively, there are many web-based options that handle the resale of artworks.