Boris Mar Photography
Boris Mar

Fine-Art Landscape Photographer

For over 20 years Boris Mar has been photographing Mother Nature’s pristine treasures. His collection of Fine-Art Landscape images are taken at a unique location, and a unique moment, when nature shows her true self. Completely self-taught, Boris Mar’s photographs are taken in natural light, using only traditional in-camera techniques.

Do it Justice.

Born and raised in Belgium, Boris Mar’s love for nature and the unknown began at an early age. He took his first photograph in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1996. However, the photograph he captured did not do the moment any justice. Ever since that day he has been improving his techniques. Having perfected his skills, nowadays his main challenge is capturing that unique moment when nature’s conditions are almighty. It’s a neverending quest. It requires extensive patience, or returning to the same spot multiple times to capture that special photograph when the scene tells a story. Many years and many travels later, his collection of photograph include amazing views from all over the world.

A Land Before Time

In 2008 Boris Mar relocated to Australia. For 6 years he was based in vibrant Melbourne. This was his ideal base for exploring this vast continent with its untouched forests, countless beaches, islands, and of course its iconic outback. While trying to do justice to the vast vistas of this beautiful continent, this is where his love for the panoramic format began. Today Boris is an Australian national and calls Australia his true home.

“Australia is a magical place. It’s one of the purest and most untouched places on earth. It’s a timeless land which takes you back to the origin of nature. My images of Australia are a reproduction of a pure world.  A land before time.”

-Boris Mar.

A Fine-Art Landscape Photograph

Boris Mar’s trademark are his breathtaking panoramic images, taken at a breathtaking location, taken at a breathtaking moment.

It is a time-intensive and physically challenging undertaking. And only strong persistence results in capturing that distinctive photograph. His final prints display vibrant colors and details. When enlarged, they are true artworks, impressing viewers near and far.

“I try to capture the true spirit of Mother Nature. My challenge is to witness her at her purest. This happens only on very rare occasions, when lighting conditions are simply magical. It’s a moment when nature tells a story.”

-Boris Mar.

Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the unknown runs through his veins. Extensive research to identify new locations with photographic potential, going off the beaten track, long hikes to reach that unique vantage point, camping out while waiting for that magical light; it is all part of the challenge! It’s all part of the passion! It’s all part of the fun!

Until today unknown and unmapped waterfall, discovered by Boris Mar in 2010. Undisclosed location, Australia.

In Search of the True Spirit of Mother Nature

In 2011 Boris Mar embarked on a 12-month journey. His goal: photographing the true spirit of Mother Nature, and bring back a collection of unique images. This voyage brought him to some of the most remote and pristine places on earth. Twelve months later his portfolio included stunning and never-before seen photographs of remote outback Australia, the South Pacific, the Gulf States, Northern America, the Hawaiian Archipelago and several South America countries.

A City in A Garden

Boris Mar resides in Singapore, in the heart of South-East Asia. Singapore is a city that strives for a symbiotic relationship between nature and urbanization. As a result his landscape artwork is extremely popular and sought-after by collectors. His large-frame photographs decorate many of Singapore’s offices and homes, creating a striking blend of architectural design and nature’s finest.

“Singapore’s central location is the ideal base for exploring South-East Asia’s natural treasures. Within a short distance of Singapore you will find untamed rainforests, volcanic peaks, countless tiny tropical islands, many hidden temples and historic sites. There is just so much to discover in this part of the world. Discovery is part of the fun, and it is exactly what drives me to photograph these places.”

-Boris Mar.