Frame Types

Print on Fine-Art Photographic paper.

Fine-Art Photographic paper is the highest quality of paper available for photographic prints.  

The difference between Fine-Art paper and normal photo paper lies in the composition of the paper itself. Natural fibres (usually cotton or alpha cellulose) must be included within the composition of Fine-Art paper. The paper is not artificially bleached with chlorine, thus ensuring that the photograph stands the test of time.  On Fine-Art Photographic paper your Boris Mar image has a guaranteed lifespan of 100 years.

Every Boris Mar image is printed on high-gloss archival paper, which give the photograph extreme vibrancy and sharpness. 



Frameless Acrylic Face Mount.

The Frameless Acrylic Face Mounts provide superior color and vibrance, making your art work stand out.

Your Boris Mar artwork is printed on Fine-Art Photographic paper, then face mounted to acrylic glass so you’re looking through the acrylic at your print. 

Acrylic face mount is a perfect match for high detail images with a lot of color saturation. Light refracts through the plexiglass, intensifying the colors and clarity of your image. Acrylic face mount is a beautiful, unique presentation that enhances your image and will turn heads.

In the acrylic face mount process, clear adhesive is applied to the face of the Fine-Art Photographic print, produced on archival glossy photo paper, and adhered to high quality optically clear acrylic (plexiglass).  The print will be backed with Sintra or Dibond to provide rigidity.  Thanks to the floating box mount, your image will look like it is floating on your wall. 

As an added benefit, mounting your photographs or artwork under acrylic will protect your print from dust and abrasion.  The final acrylic face mounted print it is shatter proof and lightweight.




Luxurious Photo Display.

The frameless acrylic face mount offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other presentation can match.

Unparalleled Vibrancy

Unlike traditional glass, where light simply passes through, the light refracts within the acrylic creating tremendous vibrancy and sharpness, particularly when paired with metallic paper and overhead lighting.








Showcase your Boris Mar image in a way that will impress your audience like never before with ChromaLuxe High Definition Metal Prints.

By infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal prints, the results are outstandingly clear and vibrant with exceptional detail and resolutions.

Using dye sublimation, we provide a high-definition, durable photo panel that will preserve images for generations to come. Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection. Showcase your professional photographs or artwork in a way that will impress your audience like never before.






Fade Resistant – The latest fade testing show that Chromeluxe prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.

Easy to clean – Chromeluxe metal prints can be wiped clean with a cloth and any all-purpose cleaner, allowing your image to shine hassle free.







Museum Grade Deluxe Frames.

Choose one of our Museum Grade Deluxe Frames, and display your Boris Mar photograph at its best.

Our Museum Grade Deluxe Frames are all hande made, using only the best archival materials. 

To view our deluxe frames you can use the interactive framing tool with every photograph on our website.  Visit our Photographs page.



Your Fine-art Photograph is skillfully face mounted onto 3mm aluminium, using double sided pressure-sensitive film through a roller system. Aluminium is 100% acid-free offering the best possible archival life. It also results in an almost perfectly flat finish (no ripples).


A thick eight ply museum-quality archival matboard is used around your print. Our deluxe matboard is acid and lignin-free providing the best possible archival properties. It is also bleed and fade resistant with the highest level of colour permanence available in the industry.  It retains consistency that stays true for the life of your print.  You can see our white or black liners using the interactive framing tool with every photograph on our website under the Photographs page. 


4.5mm thick Museum-Grade Acrylic is used to cover your print. Our acrylic is completely colourless and features 92% visibility which reduces glare and offers the best possible presentation of your print.  It also blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to temperature & humidity changes resulting in the best possible archival-life.


Use our interactive framing tool and request a quote for your preferred Museum Grade Deluxe Frame.