COMING SOON : Uncovering Chinatown. Photo Tour

Discover the best photography spots in Singapore’s Chinatown!  Join Boris Mar on this 4 hour photography tour and learn how to photograph, while exploring Singapore’s beating heart.  Pre-register you interest here.  As soon as new dates are confirmed ; you will be the first to know.



Coming Soon : additional Singapore Photography Tours.  This specific tour is targeted towards beginners. Absolutely no pre-existing photography knowledge is required for our Beginners Tours.  Under the guidance of Boris Mar you will learn how to get the most out of your camera, and you will learn how to capture that special photograph.  No doubt you will return with stunning new photographs of Singapore's Chinatown.

Whether you are merely visiting, passing by, or living here; this is a unique opportunity to experience Singapore's beating heart, while increasing your photography skills.

During this 4 hour tour Boris Mar will show you some of the best spots in Chinatown, as well as explore some of its undiscovered hidden gems.

This tour is strictly limited to 10 participants.      

Pre-register your interest here.

What will you learn?

Most importantly; you will learn how to take stunning images that leave you and other viewers with a “WOW”-impression. 

These are some of the topics Boris Mar will dive into : Tell your story through a photograph / Camera Setup / All Camera Modes / Composition / Focusing / Exposure / Understanding Your Histogram / White Balance / Raw vs. JPG / Understanding and Judging natural light.

And  The Secret Mar Formula. Boris Mar’s tips and tricks, based on over 20 years of experience as one of the leading landscape photographers.  Create the difference between an “average” and “amazing” photograph.

Anything else?  Just ask during the tour!

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Place Info

There is no other place like Singapore, the beating heart of South-East Asia.  Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Singapore; state-of-the-art new architecture, historic Peranakan streets, lush gardens, world-renowned shopping, markets with friendly faces, ...  It is a melting pot of cultures.  It is where old meets new, and where green meets urbanization.  All the main attractions in Singapore are within walking distance.  And if not, the Mass Rapid Transit system is best-in-class.

For those passionate about photography; there are few places in the world where you can capture such a wide variety of moods and scenes.  All within a short time span and within short travel distance.    

Chinatown is where it all blends into one.  It is Singapore's beating heart.  A vibrant place where you can get lost for hours.  Chinatown is in stark contrast to the financial district or Marina Bay Area.  Chinatown is where you go back in time and experience the authentic Singapore.  



Things To Know


Any camera with manual settings is sufficient.  With the exception of camera-phones, nowadays just about any camera has manual settings.  A Tripod is preferred but not a must.  

Those who wish to bring advanced accessories ; you are welcome to do so (filter systems / flashes / etc...).  There is a strict limitation of 10 participants, which allows for more personalized mentoring.

Wear shorts and shirts.  Singapore gets very hot.  A hat.  Sunscreen.  Comfortable walking shoes.  A rain jacket.


Absolutely no pre-existing photography knowledge is required for our Beginners Tour.  You will learn how to get the most out of your camera, and no doubt on your next holiday you will bring back stunning photographs.  And for those familiar with the basics of photography; you will significantly increase your skills up to (semi-) professional level.

We will be walking around the city at a leisurely pace.  No specific fitness level is required, however, we do expect participants to be able to walk throughout the morning.  It is not any different from your average city trip.

We will be photographing architecture, markets, temples, people, food stalls and shop fronts.

Boris Mar

Fine-Art Landscape Photographer

For over 20 years Fine-Art Photographer Boris Mar has been capturing breathtaking images.   Witness the beauty of our world through his lens, through the stories that his photographs tell.  His captivating images are taken at a unique place and time, when conditions are optimal.  Some of his images were taken over a time frame of weeks, sometimes months, with repeated trips to that same spot to capture that exclusive photograph.    

Tour Itinerary

  • Meeting at 8.30am in front of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

  • Witness Chinatown come alive.

  • Marvel at Chinatown's many intricate details.

  • We'll visit local market and food stalls.

  • Chinatown has both Buddhist and Hindu Temples. We'll explore both.

  • End of the tour at 12.30pm. Continue your stay and have lunch at one of the countless restaurants and hawker stores.


- Group mentoring by Boris Mar.  And with a limitation to 10 participants, there is time for personalized mentoring during the photography shoots.

- Traditional snacks in Chinatown's food street.


- Camera Equipment.

- Transport to and from the meeting point.

- Drinks during the tour.

- Insurance.

Why join Boris Mar?

Learn to photograph like a professional.  Do you think this is out of reach?  Not at all! 

Join Boris Mar on his photography tours.  Beginners will bring their photography skills to the next level within a short times-span.  And for those with knowledge of the basics of photography; you will learn how to photograph like professional. 

You will learn first-hand from Boris’ experiences.  In photography, most tips and tricks cannot be learned from a book or classroom course.  It is this “Secret Mar Formula” that makes the difference between an “average” and “amazing” photograph.   It requires hands-on experience and practice.  

All visited locations are unique, often hidden, and all are handpicked by Boris Mar himself.  You will also receive personal mentoring, as all our tours have a strictly limited number of attendees per tour.



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