Welcome to Boris Mar’s website gallery.

Fine-Art Photographer Boris Mar displays a selection of his images from around the globe.

His trademark is his breathtaking panoramic landscape images, taken at a unique place and time when nature shows her true self. While many artists turn to subdued tones and colours, his images are bursting with vibrant colors and details.

“Our world is a colourful and vibrant place. I aim to do Mother Nature justice by capturing her true colours and details. She paints the image. It’s my challenge and ambition to be present at that special place and special moment when she finalises her piece of art.”  Boris Mar

Boris Mar uses high-end photographic equipment which captures fine details and vibrant colours, allowing huge photographic enlargements without a loss in quality.

Witness a selection of his images. We hope you enjoy them. But more importantly, we hope they encourage you to take the time and make the effort to visit some of these places that make this world unique. Only then can we fully realise what is at stake if we don’t succeed in preserving this wonderful planet.

His quest for a striking image is never-ending and new work is updated continuously. We invite you to visit again very soon.