“Waterspirit”, New Image Released.

Boris Mar Photography

Boris Mar has returned from Grampians National Park in Victoria Australia.  Four days of intense exploring of the area has resulted in a new Limited Edition Print ; “Waterspirit”.

“I spent 4 days in Grampians National Park trying to photograph some of the more remote and unknown waterfalls. During the first 3 days I simply wasn’t happy with the results.  Lighting conditions weren’t favourable, some falls simply didn’t have enough waterflow, and some of the waterfalls simply had no opportunities for a decent composition.

Conditions just weren’t right.  It’s only on my last day that I came across this gorgeous waterfall, hidden deep in a canyon.

By the time I reached it, it was almost dark and I had no choice but to force my camera into a 10 minute exposure. Exposing for many minutes can be risky as chances of under -or overexposing your image significantly increase. I was thrilled with the result of this image. It is as if a ‘waterspirit’ was exposed, a spirit slowly making its way up the canyon.”

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