Photographing the Real Bangkok.

Boris Mar Photography

Boris Mar has returned from Bangkok, Thailand. As with his nature photography he searched for the true essence of this city, its heart and soul.

“I tried to capture the true spirit of this city. Unfortunately most people experience only its main tourist attractions. However, if you wander off-the-beaten track you will experience something more captivating; life the way it really is.”

Different from his trademark panoramic format with vibrant colors, Boris Mar captured Bangkok in a series of black & white images.

 “My passion lies with Natural Landscape Photography, where I work with highly saturated colors and lots of contrast. I try to represent nature with the vibrance it deserves. Urban photography is probably the only rare occasion when I work in black & white, or subdued colors.”

During the last couple of years Boris Mar spent considerable time in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, building a portfolio of stunning urban images. Stay tuned for more news regarding Boris Mar’s urban photography!
















































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