3000 Miles from Nowhere. Boris Mar photographs pristine islands in the South Pacific.

Boris Mar Photography

Blue lagoons, red sunsets, a cool breeze and a large-format camera.  Boris Mar is currently in the South Pacific.

Landscape photography can be harsh and even dangerous.  Long hikes while facing cold alpine conditions, unpredictable tides of the ocean, dry and isolated dessert landscapes; to name just a few.

However, some places are simply a representation of paradise.  Landscape photography doesn’t get more comfortable than this.

 “I have always wanted to photograph pristine islands.  Forget about the crowded beaches in Bali or Cancun.  No, I want to fly to an island in the middle of nowhere, as untouched as possible.  I want to experience it, the way a discoverer would experience it 300 years ago.  I believe I found some of these places and hope to return with some stunning new images.  I’ll stay as long as required to get the shot.  I won’t mind…let’s face it, there are worse places in the world.”

 New images will be released soon.




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