Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the amount of places you've seen that take your breath away.

About the Photographer

Belgian photographer Boris Mar took his first image in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1996.  Ever since that moment his quest to take that perfect shot has never ended.  Many years later his portfolio includes breathtaking images from around the globe that speak for themselves.

Completely self-taught, Boris Mar’s photographs are taken in natural light, using only traditional in-camera techniques, wit

“I try to capture the true spirit of Mother Nature.  My ambition and my challenge are to witness her at her purest.  I strive to immortalise those rare occasions when Mother Nature shows her very special face, a moment in nature that tells a story.” Boris Mar

Boris Mar goes to the extreme to capture his images.  Harsh and long hikes.  Countless nights camping out. Waiting for that magic light for hours, sometimes days.  Extensive research to pinpoint that special location.  The result: fine-art photographs of breathtaking moments taken at breathtaking places, where few or until now no one has ventured before.

Born and raised in Belgium, Boris Mar has travelled the world.  He has lived in Melbourne, Australia for 7 years which has given him the opportunity to extensively photograph this massive continent and expand his panoramic landscape portfolio.  In 2010 Boris Mar launched a new series of limited edition prints of his Australian panoramic landscape images.  All which can be viewed on this website.  Some places had never been photographed before.

“Australia is a magical place.  It’s one of the purest and most untouched places on earth.  A timeless land which takes you back to the origin of nature.  My images of Australia are a reproduction of a pure world.  Our world the way it used to be a long time ago.  A time before humans came into the picture.” Boris Mar

Currently Boris Mar resides in Singapore, in the heart of South-East Asia.  The bustling green city of Singapore is a huge contrast to the desolate landscapes of the Australian continent.  Contrary to popular belief, many places in South-East Asia are still untamed and undiscovered.  It’s exactly what drives Boris Mar to photograph these places.

“Singapore’s central location is the ideal base for exploring South-East Asia’s natural treasures.  Within a short distance of Singapore you will find untamed rainforests, volcanoes, countless tiny tropical islands and many hidden temples or historic sites.  There is just so much to discover in this part of the world.”  Boris Mar