A Fine-Art Image

Creating a Fine-Art Image

Creating a Fine-Art Print is a lot more than visiting a scenic place and taking your usual Happy Snaps.  It’s an intense process.  It requires detailed planning, long and often difficult journeys, high-end photographic equipment and an impeccable photographic technique.  But most of all it requires the passion, love and will-power to persist in taking that unique, striking image.

Some of Boris Mar’s images were taken over a timeframe of weeks, sometimes months.  Repeated trips to isolated, unspoilt natural treasures, usually involving long hikes and many nights camping out.  A journey in search of the true heart of Mother Nature.

The results are striking images which are a unique frozen snapshot.  Difficult or impossible to reproduce.

Magic Light and Slow Photography

The question that pops-up constantly: “Are Boris Mar’s images digitally manipulated?”  The answer is a simple: “No, they aren’t”.  He is a specialist in ‘slow and magic light’ photography.

In a  time and world where just about anything can be reproduced digitally, he strives to capture nature as it really is.  Using solely traditional camera techniques.  Magic Light Photography is a time-consuming and challenging task.  It involves trying to capture those special moments when nature’s lighting conditions are magical.  Some of Boris Mar’s images are a frozen snapshot of a place and moment which are one of a kind.

Slow photography is the art of capturing images with very long exposures.  This creates surreal effects and a very rich colour saturation.

What is a Limited Edition Print?

A Limited Edition Print is your guarantee of owning an image that is unique and limited in reproduction.

All Images are printed in strictly limited numbers.  Whenever 10% of the total number of prints are sold, a new purchase price is set.  All purchased prints are titled, numbered and hand signed by Boris Mar.  Once the last print in an edition is sold, there will never be another reproduction.  It will not be displayed in our online gallery anymore, however it can still be enjoyed at exhibitions and conferences.

Owning a Boris Mar Limited Edition Image is your opportunity to bring Mother Nature’s treasures into your home or office, with the assurance of owning photographic art that is limited in reproduction.

Photographic Equipment

Boris Mar uses a traditional medium-format film camera.  Shots are taken with a Linhof Technorama 617III on Fuji Velvia Slide Film.  This is a completely mechanical camera which forces the user to perfectly master the art of photography.  Its Schneider Angulon Lens captures extreme details, resulting in an artwork which gives you the impression you’re looking through a window.  Images are captured on Fuji Velvia Slide Film.  It has the best colour and contrast reproduction possible.  However, it is extremely unforgiving when not used properly.

Next to the Linhof Technorama 617III, Boris Mar uses a professional Canon 5D MarkII, with a series of Canon L-lenses.  This is mainly used for his urban and wildlife photography, where it’s simply impossible to use a mechanical medium-format camera.

Print Information

All of Boris Mar’s prints are individually produced.  We want to ensure the best possible level of quality.

They are produced on Fujiflex Professional Crystal Archive paper, without a doubt the highest quality photographic paper available in the world. The quality of this paper is exceptional with extremely high contrast, clarity and an ultra high gloss pearlescent appearance.  When framed and mounted according to our ‘framing & handling’ instructions, Boris Mar’s prints will last for many years without any signs of fading.  Its permanence is estimated at over 100 years.

Each ordered image is titled and numbered.  Lastly it is hand signed by Boris Mar and delivered with a signed ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’.

If you do not wish to have your ordered print hand signed, titled or numbered, please specify so when placing your order.  For authenticity purposes its Edition Number and Signature will be placed on the back of the print.

Delivery Information and Money Back Guarantee

All Images are individually produced.  Purchase prices include freight costs and our standard worldwide delivery times are 2-3weeks.  A faster delivery time can be obtained if specified when placing your order.

Purchased prints are wrapped in non-abrasive paper and securely packed in a hard case cylinder.  They are shipped with proper ‘framing & handling’ instructions.  We strongly advise you consult professional framers.  When framed according to our instructions your print permanence will exceed 100 years.

We are confident that you will be impressed with the print we deliver.  However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the print you received, we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.